For the Owner Builder

Charm Homes provides services to the owner builder; whether it be simple advice, trade contacts or help with the preliminary plans of building (i.e. engineering, council approval etc.).

 From minor tasks through to entire sections of work (i.e frame standing, roofing & fix outs) or the organisation of the entire project from beginning to end.


For project convenience, Charm Homes can sub-contract out to individuals, companies and builders across all aspects of carpentry. We can also be your contact to access the use of other trades that serve to sub-contract to us outside of the carpentry trade (e.g. electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and more).

One to as many as five people are available for you at on an hourly rate or at an agreed rate/quote.

We Can Make The Difference
We welcome projects of all sorts and scales, even minor carpentry tasks around your existing property.

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